Personal Training with Linda Penlington

Whether you are training for an event, have weight to lose, are recovering from injury or surgery, or simply want to find a better level of fitness that suits your lifestyle, you need a personalised plan!

Using a range of techniques, including the Total Gym Gravity™ system, we can achieve better health, sounder sleep, robust immune systems and a lean toned body, no matter what your age or stage.

Personal training takes place at Linda’s studio located at 71 Park Road, Carterton.

Brain Injury

If you or someone in your family has suffered from a brain injury, Linda can help.

That injury may be a stroke (or series of strokes), a tumour, or the injury may be the result of an accident.

If you have lost memory, co-ordination, some motor skill control, or simply your sense of independence, help has arrived! Contact Gain Momentum and Linda will come and assess your situation and discuss your options.

Getting your mojo back is easier than you think!

Remedies for kids’ development

Is your child struggling at school?
Are they finding it difficult to learn to read and write?
Can they catch a ball? Skip a rope?
Are they bumping into things?

Dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD can be overcome by using simple movement therapy.

We create a custom-built programme to reorganize thinking, balance the brain (and therefore body) and unlock your child’s full potential.

Using perceptual motor skills, patterning, Pilates and a range of other techniques, your child can find learning easier. Suddenly the playground, classroom and sports field are lots more fun, and most importantly, your child will build confidence.

The number of visits depends entirely on the issues involved. Feel free to contact Linda and have a chat about what can be achieved for your child.

How much does it cost?

Make a booking!