Group Fitness Classes


Each class has Pranayama (breathing), a series of postures that focus on opening a specific part of the body and mind, as well as deep relaxation and a brief meditation.

Mats are provided for all classes.

If you have a medical condition you should check with your health provider before beginning classes and also discuss any special needs with your instructor.

BASICS CLASS – Ideal for those new to group fitness, or not sure how to safely incorporate an existing injury into a workout or exercise plan. A beginners level workout, this 45 minutes class will gently work all major muscle groups, and teach you the fundamental principles of how to achieve an A Grade result with a C Grade effort! Basic relaxation techniques feature in the last 5 minutes of class.

PURE PILATES – This 45 minute class is aimed at those with a little experience. An intermediate level intensity, this Pilates only class (as the name suggests) will fast track your health and fitness goals, raise your metabolism, correct your posture, balance your body and promote a fantastic night’s sleep. Relaxation takes care of the last 5 minutes of this 45 minute class.

AGING GRACEFULLY – Designed for those in retirement, rehabilitation, or who have been away from exercise for a long period, this 45 minute class specialises in mobility, balance, great posture and a pain-free active life. Our movements have no impact and focus on maintaining full body function, and an independent life.

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YOGA with Odette
This is a general session working on different aspects of the body each week. Odette combines three styles of yoga; Kundalini, Hatha and Yin.

Kundalini yoga uses breathwork and moving postures to stimulate organs, glands and chakras, while building stamina. Hatha yoga stretches and lengthens the body while Yin yoga deeply opens joints and releases tension. Each class has breathwork, postures, relaxation and a brief meditation. This yoga works well for people who need to de-stress, build some core strength and can be adapted for beginners or experienced yogis.