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We’re back to the full timetable (with one exception.)

Gain Momentum offers Group Fitness Classes.

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Group Fitness Classes use classic and some modified Pilates techniques, offering a wide range of intensively levels.

Beginner’s Classes introduce the participant to basic Pilates poses, theories and alterations for health issues.

Aging Gracefully Classes offer more focus on balance and joint mobility, which the rest of the classes offer differing levels of difficulty.

Stretch Classes borrow from Pilates, yoga, Callanetics, ballet barre and much more, ideal for when one needs a really good streeeeeeeeeeetch! 

All classes are held at 61 Holloway Street, Carterton (opposite the Events Centre).


Linda Penlington - Gain Momentum Fitness and Pilates
Odette - Gain Momentum Fitness and Pilates
Marty - Gain Momentum Fitness and Pilates
Linda R. - Gain Momentum Fitness and Pilates